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In 2017 Jo Koy added Drekno as a co-host on his  popular podcast on the PodcastOne network. With a variety of topics, and ranging from the ridiculous to inspirational, fans have said this show goes from "chaos to consciousness".

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A veteran on the independent music scene, Drekno released his first EP 20 years ago, inking a distribution deal with Music People Distribution in Oakland,CA in 1997. "I walked in with my project, a promo 8X10 and a lot of heart and walked out with a distribution deal, by myself."  Drekno says. "Me and my fam talk a lot about retaining some of the ignorance of youth. It allows you to take the risks. Age makes you wiser, but also comes with inhibitions. I'm fighting them!"



Equal By Definition is more than apparel. It is a declaration and denouncement of the societal lines that divide.  Each of us is unique, and that uniqueness should be valued the same.  The foundation of Equal by Definition is heavily influenced by the spirit of Hip-Hop.  As Hip-Hop defined itself as the inclusive culture of the 1970s and 1980s, ExD will do the same into the 2020's and beyond.  The human condition and causes that truly matter are universal.  Fear is the enemy of humanity and the enemy of fear, is knowledge. Knowledge of self and other. -Drekno


DOWN BY LAW-One hour crime drama pilot. Synopsis available upon request

AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT-Feature. Synopsis available upon request.

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You and I are Equal by Definition.